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Imagine you have a romantic friend who has fallen in love with a girl who is different from him. What happened this time, that girl? She is also interested in this boy. Interested in your friend. So after some time, they start joking and talking. Both of them meet, start hanging out together, and start spending a lot of time together. Both of them fall in love with each other and get into a relationship. Your friend feels very lucky. He becomes very happy with the girl, always hangs out with her, and does everything that the girl likes. So that he remains a perfect boyfriend for that girl. He gradually stops meeting his friends and is always available to his girlfriend. Three months pass. In the beginning, everything goes just like in the movies


But then gradually things start going wrong. That girl moves away from your friend and starts talking to other boys and while talking, other boys also flirt. So she doesn’t avoid him like before, rather she starts enjoying him and not only that. Similarly, they started fighting a lot over many different things. After which, exactly what you imagined happened and they broke up. Your friend is very shocked because of this. Talks to you a lot, cries. By coming near you he is trying to forget his sorrow. Then he realizes that the girl is in a relationship with someone else, with the same boy who used to flirt with her a lot, even after knowing that they were in a relationship. This boy is a very bad boy who is the complete opposite of your friend. You also get very fond of seeing the referee agent aggressive, what is happening? Friends, in most of such situations, will say that no one can understand girls. They don’t like good boys and it is not in our power to understand girls.

But the author speaks. This is true in a way and also not. Because there is no proper rational explanation for this behavior of girls and what is that? Well, see, whenever a girl gets into a relationship with a boy, for her that relationship is like riding a very adventurous jet ski. She is expecting that the boy will drive this jet ski and lead, but after some time she starts to realize that the boy is not a leader. He is not leading but is just doing the things I want. In short, he is letting the girl take the lead and doing everything the girl wants, the way the girl wants. So this thing becomes quite a turn-off for them. Like.

For example.

You must have seen it. Many times when a boy comes into a relationship, he stops doing everything. Their old life stops living. He used to go to the gym, then he stopped going to the gym. They stop hanging out with their friends and just stick with their girlfriends all the time. He feels that he is doing a very good job. He is pretending to be a perfect boyfriend but this is the truth. Shouldn’t speak. But those people are behaving like a slave. Think for yourself, what is a slave, a person who spends his life according to his master, does whatever the master says and nothing more than that the same thing happens with many boys and trust me. Girls don’t enjoy this thing. You think girls want this. Always keep doing what she says. This subconsciously makes them feel unattractive towards you and why does this happen? The author explains this very well in his book Rational Male Preventive Medicine, the summary of which I am giving you today. With the help of this book, today we are going to learn those five things that make a bad boy very attractive to girls. While we will learn the five things in Good Boy that girls do not like, that too directly, but before that you should understand this. Is a bad boy. What do I mean? Look, if I tell you to imagine a bad boy in your mind, imagine any one character who according to you is a bad boy, then who will come to your mind? Well, maybe James Bond comes to someone’s mind and Robert Jr. of Iron Man comes to mind. Is Siddharth of Ek Villain in your mind or is this youth crazy? Of. Bunny. Or. The best. God made the match. Of. Macho. Shahrukh Khan. Now look at what is called a character in movies. He is quite right to some extent. He is a nice guy and explains the syndrome well. According to this book, a person who is a man is called Badaun Chali. As soon as he enters a room. It changes the environment there itself. Because of his masculine energy, he is very hypersexual. His testosterone levels are always very high. Those people are emotionally available. Many times there are many carefree things. You can tell that people think a lot about themselves and these are the things that make girls crazy about them. Many times these boys do not have a burning desire to achieve their goals. Many times they enjoy their life, live openly, take risks without caring about the rules, and live life as per their wish, which girls find very exciting. There is one more thing you need to understand with Bad Boy which is called Hyper Game. A Women’s Desire in a Hyper Game According to the Author. That she should marry the best man she can find. Every woman has a natural desire to find a man.

who is very good in two aspects. First from the good genes aspect and second from the Godfather aspect. So, first of all, a woman needs a genetically most attractive partner, attractive means someone smart in appearance, who has a strong personality, who is tall, who lives his life openly so that when the girl comes into his life, her life too is the same. Interesting like a roller coaster ride and secondly they also want a man who has resources. You can speak. Have money and money does not mean gold digger. The point here is that there is a man who can manage his family well and who can usually manage his family well in today’s time. Who has more money? He should ensure that his family members can raise their future children well, and he should be emotionally available, and caring, but the problem is that it is very rare to have both of these together in one person. Like a very good-looking man, who has masculine energy, a strong personality, is very rich, whatever, and is also emotionally available.

However, according to Arthur, a rational male has both these personalities. This is very rare but if you become this type of person then you will look very attractive. If you look at girls, they say, it is like this, when girls are young, when they are in their teenage period, then they are mostly people. She likes the first type of boys; those with good genes are attractive. And this thing has been explained very well in a book. It has been told in the book ‘The Billion Wicked Thoughts’ that the fantasies of girls are quite different from those of boys. Girls’ fantasies are like this. She wants a bad boy to come into a relationship with her and due to her career nature, she should convert that bad boy into a good boy due to which she can become the hero of her life. You can say that they try to live a perfect life by making a bad boy good and this is their fantasy. That’s why you see. In all the movies like Beauty and the Beast, and Twilight, such girls are often shown fulfilling their fantasies. An evil monster whom the girl turns good with his love and this is what happens to young girls who are used to it. Butt-like girls come in their late 20s or early thirties. They start accepting such potential maid who is more caring, supportive, and secure and who can provide a good life for them and their children. But while searching for all these things, again the bad boys attract them more. Because of the masculinity they have, well specifically there are five reasons which I am going to tell you right now, which makes the bad boy very attractive, and its opposite, when the good boy does that thing, he becomes very unattractive. You are the reason why bad boys become more, confident, have good looks, good personalities. All things are attractive. No doubt. But if there is something even more attractive than that, it is confidence.

You must have seen this many times that he is a very average-looking boy. That doesn’t look good either. Not even that rich but with him. The girl who is there is very beautiful and her. Lives together in a relationship. Why does this happen? Usually, this happens because the guy probably doesn’t have looks or money. The butt thing he has. Yes, that is confidence. That girl? To go to him and talk to him. Her feeling. This is the main reason for expressing this. This happens and this is what good boys leak many times. It is not there in them. If a boy does not have the confidence to express his feelings openly to girls. Think for yourself without making things covered. How will girls be able to talk? How will their relationship work out? In this way, this is the most important. Is. That you have confidence. You must have seen the movies. It is also commonly shown in Bad Boys. He has a character and is filled with so much confidence. Whereas seeing Goodbye, those people are very shy and are not able to say anything. Sometimes that’s the first thing you have to focus on. He is. Confidence.

Coming to the next point which is never changing my mind just to please Kevin.

So friends. Suppose a girl wants to go on a date. There are two options in front of him. Two boys from his class. Both of them are equally good-looking and physically attractive and both of them asked the girl out on a date. Is. The girl thinks that I? I will give both of them a chance. I will go on a date with both of them and see who is better and after that, if I get into a relationship, she will message the boy first. Let’s go on a date on Saturday. The thing is that the boy has to go somewhere on Saturday. His work is very important. The girl also knows, but still, she tells it. Let’s go. So this boy thinks a little. And then what do you do? Changes his mind. The one who. He has very important work. He says I will do that later, let’s go with the girl first. Saying this he goes on a date. That date goes well but then there’s that girl the next week. Thinks of going on a date with another boy. When that girl tells that other boy. Let’s go. Go on a date. So again. That boy also has important work which he has to do on Monday. He is going somewhere with his friends. The girl tells him. No, let’s do something, let’s go on a date otherwise, I won’t go later. But still this Joe. There is another boy and he says, okay, we will see later, right now I can’t go, you tell me who among these two boys will be more attractive to the girl? From Well Traditional. If we see, we will feel that it is not the boy who is leaving his work for the girl and going to her. He loves her more. The girl will select him. But everyone was conscious. And according to psychology, the girl will like the boy more who does not change his plans for her. Because now the girl will get scared in her mind. That my friend is not giving me that much importance and that I am not that important. Because of which that boy? She will start finding him more attractive and she will start getting more excited to go on a date with him. Maybe she will think this. He did not say it on the surface but from inside it came to his mind that I have to go on a date with her, do you understand if it is said that a bad boy never changes his decisions for a girl? Yes. It may seem toxic at times, but if a person applies this strategy, it genuinely shows his mental toughness. This shows how much he stands by his decisions. Leadership quality makes a person strong. And leadership quality is liked by every person. Whether it is. Be it a boy or a girl, that is why quality must be there in you too. If you have decided something then do it again and just do it. Don’t change your decision for the woman. Those who sometimes do good deeds but do not do bad boys.

Next third thing is your purpose before the relationship. What do they do when bad boys and good boys especially come into a relationship? Put that girl at the top of his priority list. Would have put him on number one. After which everything happens. Girls come first for him and then all his goals are his priority. But the Way of Superior Mouth says that doing this thing is wrong. Many times girls pretend that they are the number one priority for that boy. But in reality, she doesn’t exactly want this, she usually wants the kind of boy. One who gives importance to his goals, and who is highly ambitious. So if you also want to become the number one priority of girls. so you change yourself


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This article has been taken by Mehboob Ali who is a relationship coach and CEO of RCI. In this article he has told why girls are attracted to BADBOY and why they like him.

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