How to Make Your Relationship Better

How to Make Your Relationship Better

Relationships are the most beautiful thing in life. Relationships that support you at every turn, relationships of friendship, relationships of family, and relationships with companions.

But why is it that many relationships break quickly, especially when we are trying to find our life partner, why are we so confused by those relationships? Or rather we cannot handle them, depending on the situation. Unable to handle it and in the end our relationship loses. If we keep some things in mind, our relationships can improve to a great extent.

Communication(How to Make Your Relationship Better)


Many times you will notice that many fights happen with our partners because we make extreme choices in our minds. We assume that he must have felt this way or he must have said this thinking. We shouldn’t ask him directly why he said such a thing or what he was thinking at that time. Don’t you think things will become much clearer? But we don’t do that. By making our own choices, we widen the gap between relationships. Therefore communication is most important. Ask them whatever you are thinking, don’t keep things in your mind.



Whenever we try to control relationships, it will break, like advising our partner. It’s a Good Thing to Order, Force, and Control in the Game What should they do? What should one wear? We should talk to him. This should ultimately be their decision and not your forced decision. You will understand this only when you trust them, trust their values, trust their decisions, and most importantly trust your relationship, that is why you must have trust in your relationship because if you don’t trust your partner, that love won’t last long.


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We all want good changes to come in our partners, they should do good work, be successful, and be the best versions of themselves and we work for that constantly. You keep telling them what wrong they did, how they did wrong, but if you tell them their mistakes constantly, by judging or criticizing them, then what is the difference between you and the people outside? There is no need to insult someone to make him good. While respecting them, we can still point out their mistakes.

For example- A husband very rudely told his wife in front of everyone what a wrong thing she had done. He can’t even do a single job properly. Even after explaining so much, he still made a mistake. On the other hand, does a husband tell this to his wife in private? The work he did on Chapati was very good. Had it been done a little differently it might have been better. Everyone likes it better and both his work and his talking are doing the same thing. Telling your partners about their mistakes, but how different is the way of telling them? No matter how bitter something may be, if it is done with respect then it does not seem so bad and it also maintains the sweetness of your relationship

Listening to them is not necessary. Every time your partner needs advice or suggestions. Sometimes they just want you, they want your understanding, and sometimes they just want you to listen and accept their words without saying anything. Neither any advice, nor any suggestion, nor any decision. So try. Sometimes just listen to his words. Just tell them that they can share everything with you. Without thinking you are always ready to listen to them, without any judgment, advice, or suggestions.

Your Partners Not Your Dustbin

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This sounds strange. Everyone will say that who would treat their partner like a dustbin? But if understood properly then you will relate to this. How to use a dustbin? We? You put outside garbage inside it, in the same way when you take out outside anger on your partner, you treat him or her like a dustbin. Sharing your thoughts, asking for some space, asking for your alone time to settle your mood. Okay, but to improve your mood, yelling at them, talking rudely to them, all the anger outside, coming home and calming them down, this is not okay. They are your partner, your companion, your life partner, not a dustbin to throw all the outside garbage on them because that is just not okay. It is high time that we learn this. Thank you

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