How To Impress a Girl

How To Impress a Girl

If you are a boy who does not have a girlfriend yet and who is unable to get a girlfriend, then this article is for you because in this article I am going to give you some tips. By following this you can also make your girlfriend. If you can impress a girl then let’s start

Initiative To Talk

The first thing you have to do is that if you like a girl then go and talk to her without any fear. With confidence because girls like those who have confidence the most. For confidence, prepare yourself properly and wear good clothes. Change your hairstyle. Keep a hairstyle that suits your face. You should wear black clothes, girls are more attracted to black color, you should talk by making eye contact. Girls consider those who talk by making eye contact more attractive. Because confidence is visible in them. Remove this fear from your heart that she will reject me or she will eat me. She is a witch, isn’t she? They won’t eat you. She is just a girl.

If you talk to her then two things will happen, either she will talk to you or she will not. And if you do not talk to her, it means that she will never talk to you because she will not come forward to talk to you. If she doesn’t agree to any condition, then learn to take the initiative, and learn to talk. Let’s understand this thing even if you talked to her and she refused, you will still be able to take solace in the future that at least you tried, she Refused, but what if you don’t even try? Whole life? Will regret. I wish I had tried once, I don’t know if she would agree, she would get fucked, then there is a feeling of wishing she would not come inside you. To fulfill your potential to impress him, to make him agree, you must talk to him once.

Identity of Person

The second thing you have to look at is what kind of girl she is. Is she a girl that many boys are crazy about or is she just that girl? The one whom no one likes, the one with whom no one talks. So if she is such a girl. The one whom many boys like, are crazy about, follow her around, then you have to avoid such a girl, ignore her, but. If she is a girl whom most people do not talk to, or avoid, then you have to follow her and tell her that you like her. Now why so? See this. See, if many boys are crazy about her and you also become crazy about her, then you will become like those boys who are crazy about that girl. That girl will not pay attention to you because you are like that to her. Like all the other boys. And in such a situation, if you ignore him, you will come in his sight. Man, so many boys are crazy about me. Why does this boy ignore me? Because of this, he started noticing you. Because it is psychological proof that if you run behind a person, that person runs away from you equally. So don’t make the mistake of running after him. And if that girl is such that all the boys ignore her and in such a situation, if you grab her attention, like her, and show her that you are interested in her, then she will notice that no one likes me. Why is he crazy about me? Then she will start thinking about you again. Will give you importance, and will keep her eyes on you. So, whatever action you have to take, you have to do it differently, you have to do it opposite.

Make Presence Felt


The third thing you have to do is that you do not have to give them attention. You just have to make them feel your presence that you are around them. You must have seen a lot of people passing around you. It is possible that you do not know them.


But those people know you. Because we know about the people we like, we follow their routine that at this time they go to the gym or they leave the house for the office, you know about them, you too must have often noticed that at such This boy passes here at o’clock. This girl comes from there. When this handsome boy passes by with this stuff at this time, you would know his routine, but he would have never seen you. Pisces: They have given their presence to you, do you notice them? You also have to do the same with that girl or boy. You don’t have to pay any attention to them but stay around them in such a way that the girl notices you that yes brother, this boy is here at this time. He does this, he lives here and there, and he has to be made aware of your presence. This is important because it will enable her to conduct herself a little with you. She will be able to become a little familiar after seeing you and she will start feeling like this. If she knows you, gradually she will automatically start feeling that you are not a stranger. You may be someone she knows or you may not know her because she will see you around her every day

Don’t Show Your Feelings


The fourth thing that you have to do is that you do not have to propose directly. What do boys do? They go to a girl and directly propose to her will you be friends with me or will you love me? Brother, all this does not happen in real life, it looks good in films but it is not a practical thing in real life. So you don’t have to start the conversation this way. First, we have to win his trust. Have to be familiar with him. You can talk to him indirectly, indirectly if he is around you. You go and suddenly ask him for a pen, saying that ma’am, you will have the pen and in a very normal manner, not that you are getting too excited and telling him that I am dying. Talk should not be visible in the behavior of talking. You don’t have to pretend that you like or love them whenever they are around you. So to start the conversation you normally go to them. And ask for PAN. Ma’am, do you have a pen or anything? If they have it then it is good, if not then it does not matter, you just had to talk. Then sometimes it happens that you are roaming around him normally. Give a smile and just ask normally that ma’am, where do you live, I often see you here. If he behaves like this then you have to increase your friendship with him through such small things and start your conversation with him. You should not directly propose to any girl, neither for friendship nor for love. This is the biggest blunder you make


Connect With Him On Social Media

The last thing you have to do is you have to connect with their social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. You can take their mobile or WhatsApp number. It is very important to get their mobile number so that your conversation can increase. But keep in mind, never ask for her number directly, because most of the girls refuse to give the number in this manner, so what do you have to do? You have to directly ask for the number of this office. Suppose you come to know that she gives tuition to children, then you can ask her whether she gives tuition to children. He says yes. So you say that there is a boy in your neighborhood and his mother often talks to me about tuition. Can you give her tuition, she will say yes then you have to say like this “So ma’am do this, give me your number, and I will get them to talk to me.” So this way you can take the number or it could be that she is graduating. You are also an undergraduate and on some pretext I needed your help. Will I get your book?


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