Fragile Masculinity/Reject Modernity Embrace Masculinity

Fragile Masculinity/Reject Modernity Embrace Masculinity

How the world and technology have advanced, but the unity of man and mask has diminished.

In the last few decades, this entire world and technology have advanced many times more than we thought. Through some movements and revolutions, females have become more independent, mentally and emotionally strong, professionally successful, and overall stronger than before. But as rapidly as all these things have increased and grown, equally rapidly the unity of man and mask is diminishing with time.


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Due to this the population and percentage of weak mains in today’s mains has increased at the fastest rate as compared to earlier, which most of us are not even aware of. That is, compared to how men used to be in mystery a few years ago, there is a huge difference in emotional maturity, mental health, the quantity of sex with a real partner, power to attract, socializing self-esteem, and even the testosterone level of today’s men. Even research has shown that men’s testosterone levels have decreased by less than 1% every year since 1980. This means that the testosterone level of today’s male generation has decreased by about 30% to 40% compared to their parents’ generation. Men are suffering from dysfunction and most men are also suffering from depression. 80% of people who commit suicide are males. And today’s young males, instead of forming new relationships, socializing with people, and fulfilling their mission, are addicted to porn and masturbation. Now whether you believe it or not, this has become a big problem. The entire world is going through a male infertility crisis. From 1973 to 2011, male sperm count has fallen by 52.4%.

Males have always had only one purpose, which is to protect themselves and their families, provide them with food, and play the role of a leader in the family.

Males have always had only one purpose, which is to protect themselves and their families, provide them with food, and play the role of a leader in the family. But what has happened is that today’s men have become so insecure about sex and the female body, needy and greedy and feminine, and have forgotten to protect the family, they need to focus on their profession, and provide security to the family and Even having children is becoming difficult. According to research published in EvenYouGov.UK, in the year 2016, a very interesting research on males was published where males had to rate their masculinity on a scale between completely masculine or completely. The surprising thing in which was that only 2% of young adults had rated themselves completely. That means only 2% of males considered themselves a complete male. At the same time, when this research was conducted on those males who were born before 1965, 56% of them considered themselves completely masculine, which is a huge difference and it has increased at double the speed by 2022. Well, there is a solid reason behind this, which is an evolution from your Itua Malamas. Friends, when a child is born, whether it is a boy or a girl, he is dependent on his mother for the first few years. In the beginning, a small child does not have as strong a connection with his father as he has with his mother, because for nine months we are inside our mother’s body. Even after some time of birth, we remain psychologically connected to our mother. But after a few years of growing up, every child has to separate from his mother and create his own separate identity. These are the stages where we understand the difference between a male and a female. His mother could not teach him what it means to be a real man. Every child loves his mother but due to lack of a solid father figure, he remains a mom’s son. Every mail has to go through this phase. He got it from his mother to build his identity. One has to end the family nature and adopt the male screen nature from one’s father. That is why the process of becoming a boss and a man is very painful and difficult. In many cultures, boys are made to follow different rituals to transform them into men, such as leaving them in the forest. They have to go through different types of pens. In earlier times, boys were sent to war at a very young age. He was taught to be fearless and develop a father figure. In this way, the boy inside a child dies and a man inside him is born.

But like our ancestors, today’s men do not have to go out into the woods, nor do they hunt animals, rather today’s modern men are glued to their mobile screens. Instead of going out into nature, he stays in his room. Instead of meeting someone and having sex in real life, they are happy only in porn and masturbation.

Instead of being mentally strong and strong, the man is a victim of low confidence, depression, and laziness. Instead of increasing your physical strength by exercising daily, it is more comfortable to avoid all these things and remain weak, but if you look at the same, today you will find most of the females exercising. They are more focused on their studies and professional careers than today’s Mains. In today’s life, most females are more emotionally and mentally strong than most males. Well, even in relationships, I have started behaving more emotionally and we will understand why this is happening in the next point.

The Impact of Weak Males: How men are suffering from dysfunction, depression, suicide, porn addiction, infertility, and insecurity


Friends, the only way to build mental and physical strength is to do things that are very difficult for you mentally and physically. No one can become strong by doing easy work and in today’s time, everything has become so easy for boys that they are becoming weak. Just think about it, many years ago, even to eat one meal, one had to work very hard and that work was done only by men who were responsible for the survival of themselves and their families.

But today if you want to eat, then instead of eating something healthy, order some junk food from your phone and get the food delivered straight to your home. If you are feeling stressed, instead of meditating, watch porn for hours on Netflix and YouTube. If you want to go on a date, take out your phone and talk to girls on social media apps or use online dating sites. There is no need to go out and approach any girl by working on your personality. If you feel like having sex, then instead of attracting a girl from your school unity, watch porn and do it. If you want to buy something, then instead of saving money through hard work, order it through a credit card and get its EMI done.

That is, modern technology has made everything so easy that most of today’s men do not have to go through that much hard work. The things for which men used to fight earlier, they used to go through mental and physical pain, which made them men in reality. In today’s time, there is no need for anyone to do such a thing. In August 2020, the adult website Only Fans had around 1.2 million terms, most of which were females creating different types of sexual content. There are more than 50 million paying customers to see these 1.2 million girls, of which almost all are males. OnlyFans founder Tim Stock has claimed that his user base is growing by 5,00,000 users. That means every month lakhs of men are spending money in this virtual world and they are becoming more vulnerable day by day. Watching Instagram model solar porn lets you experience all the things you want to do in real life. Whenever you see such things, it all seems real to the brain. But think for yourself that in real life an Instagram model would easily post such a post in front of you for free. That’s why you have to stop cheating yourself. If they want such an experience in real life, then they will have to come out of this imaginary world and come to the real world and will have to fight for what they want and earn from it. Be it earning a lot of money in real life, or achieving real achievements by leveling up your life like in games. Like hot and beautiful Instagram models, you want a girlfriend, want to have real sex, and want to be emotionally, mentally, and physically strong.

And to become a man who can protect his family in difficult times or fight physically with anyone. But what is happening in the life of today’s modern man? Whenever any difficulty or challenge comes, they give up very easily because they do not know how to face the difficulties. Nowadays, modern-day technology is released in jeeps at such a high level that no human has experienced in history. Today, all the core school needs of a mother can be bought in copies through technology, which provides your brain.


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