Spice Up Your Sex Life and Learn the Dark Secrets of Sex

Spice Up Your Sex Life

When it comes to intimacy issues, we all need support. I am here to help. For the first time I talked to Kevin and Jackie and I asked how often you guys connect, Kevin said. barely. Only on Saturdays, Jackie said. Continuous. every Saturday. It may seem like there are some issues about sex, but it’s really about intimacy.

The most common reason for relationship breakdown is lack of intimacy. It’s this loss of intimacy that has caused partners to become like roommates, and as this distance increases, they may seek connection elsewhere, shut down altogether, or have late nights with Ben and Jerry’s. Can start meeting. Relationship and sexual dissatisfaction can show up as destructive behavior in people’s lives. Anger, depression about shopping? It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it once a week, once a year, or once a day without intimacy. People feel lonely, ashamed, and isolated, as if they are in a sexless relationship, even if they are getting something. Because sex and intimacy are not the same thing. In me, see when you feel safe. Opening up and showing yourself completely is what makes you feel in love, even when you are not physically together. It’s a tough house, the foundation of your relationship used to be Kevin and Jackie. Eager to love, but life happened. And now instead of loving, they make excuses. They have a three-step sex strategy

Get in, get off, get out.

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Get in, get off, get out. It’s definitely because there is a lack of intimacy in something and the idea of talking about us feels like it will bring up more issues. So they’re walking on eggshells and they argue over can you please take out the trash. instead? She is tired. He has started watching porn.

So how do you increase intimacy and achieve greater connection and sexual satisfaction? Good communication is important. Therapy is great, but talking alone won’t solve your sex life. You need to put aside the useless arguments, let go of resentment, and get back to a physical relationship where you can lean into each other.

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No one Everything will be fine. Jackie is a beautiful executive with a to-do list and legs a mile long. The idea of sitting down in an office with a therapist and just talking, saying I don’t like the way she touches me, would drive her crazy, hurt her feelings, and definitely wouldn’t help her. And a big man like Kevin doesn’t want to talk about feelings at all. He believes that business language is emotional. not for that. He wants to fix it and get back into the game.

Intimacy, relationships, and sex cannot just be talked about. They need to experience it. I’m going to share some tools that promote intimacy without using F-word emotions.

Did you know that when you’re about to eat a delicious chocolate, your movements slow down and the sound and your saliva glands send signals to your entire body of memorable, delicious pleasure? It tastes good even before you taste it.

I’ve found that that simple sensual sound can dramatically increase intimacy and connection. Delicious sexual pleasure. When you make sounds together, you are breathing. Brain waves and heartbeats are synchronized by matching frequencies. You’ve tuned in and turned on the station. It’s that, oh yes, sound vibrates through your nervous system, from your spine to your brain, causing a change in physical state, which is the definition of the word mood. Do you want to get in the mood for something? Even better than chocolate? It is the sound of intimacy. Let’s create a mood together, we will. We you. I invite you to place your palm on your chest and feel the vibration in your chest as we inhale and exhale three times. Are you ready? Inhale again for the last time. Can you feel it?

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Jackie could also do this, who was happy to make this sound. Women are usually there. Kevin, on the other hand, couldn’t feel it much at first, but he understood. Change his mind and his body will follow

So when she gets injured, he holds her like a hero by just wrapping his arms around her and doing nothing else. He is her Superman. She lets go of her defenses, her lists, and comforts, feeling safe in his touch exactly the way she likes it. Present firmly, keeping your hands still, and they shake. Kevin is smiling. They are in their little world. In a few breaths. This quick, simple catch of the hero can lead to a delicious kiss, replacing their former greeting. Saying a hero’s hold instead of a hug removes emotional triggers and provides clear instructions. Knowing that the two of you aren’t talking makes them feel safe and builds their bodies, communication, trust, and bond, which are the foundation of physical and emotional intimacy.

Jackie also understood that Kevin, like many people, responds with a sense of purpose. so. Would you please take out the trash? Would you please take out the trash for me? And she responds when she feels loved. So, he says, I love it when you smile and make lasagna. She used to complain that his hugs meant that he would start getting angry at her and say that you wanted to do this for him. Grinding meant it was time for sex, and it wasn’t about them. It also brought back memories of her past unwanted sexual advances and complaints about Kevin that she never initiated.

So now they set out an empty candy dish, and when one of them wanted some sugar, they put a candy in the dish. When the other agrees, they also add a candy. Chocolate means one thing. jelly beans. Let’s do that work. If I can find licorice he can eat a lollipop. Yes, that is correct.

You know who is taking the initiative now, right? It allows them to interact without words to play their intimate games, and it makes their foreplay last all day. And so you know, anticipation is the best aphrodisiac. He’s ready for more, but Kevin is having trouble staying in the game. This is a common side effect of overdosing.

The difference between porn and reality is that porn is fantasy entertainment that you watch and masturbate with your hands and reality is a full-body contact game, multi-sensory contact.

You have to keep your mind on the game. Imagine you are watching football on TV at home, alone in the dark and suddenly you try to play on the field with a team. Yes, maybe not as expected, and it’s understandable that he’s gotten used to seeing that as his way of closure. And that’s why sometimes he would check and search his brain for a scenario that would take him over the edge instead of staying with the delicious pleasure of skin-on-skin softness and dimples and jiggles and people enjoying it. Used to take. All seems good and if he checks out, she lovingly places her hand on his chest and brings him back into contact without saying a word.

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This article Ms. Taken by Dr. Neha Mehta, who is a sex therapist and marriage counselor, she has told some dark secrets to improve sex, which we have presented before you.

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