I Don’t Chase I Attract/ The Science Behind the Nofap Women Attraction

I Don't Chase I Attract

Why Do Women Need Attention? An average male is used to not getting a response to a rejection or simply getting blocked or ignored

But as a female, it doesn’t matter how average or beautiful-looking she is. She Will Get Attention No Matter What. Every male is trying to prove his value to the females by showing why he is better and more capable than the other male. Women Prefer, High-Value men and that’s why men try to become high-value to be more, attractive to women, and a male’s attention is directly linked. Because of its value, the high-value male is in great demand. All the time he has to reach somewhere, someone is calling him, people want his help and his time is better utilized when he interacts with more and more people and utilizes his skills. For example, a male who earns ₹ 12,00,00,000 per year, ₹ 1,00,00,000 per day, ₹ 3,00,000 per hour, his rate is hardly very expensive. One by low-value male. A low-value male that is destined to reach nowhere and that important people do not want to meet. And the one whose initial rate is very low, his attention is also cheap and that is why females never respect the attention of low-value males. Females use such males as their shield because their evolution tells them that just because they are not physically strong enough to fight or kill big animals, they should not move alone but in groups and always protect themselves. Kept surrounded by people. Females like attention because constant attention means that they will not become the first victim in a critical situation and there is a buffer between them and the danger. A high-value male knows this truth and that is why he chases a female instead of proving that his time is wasted. He withholds his attention and ignores the most attractive females. Now let us understand what this game of attention looks like in a dating scene.

Ignoring Makes a Man Stand Out

The more beautiful a female is, the more attention she gets from men and the easier it is to stand out in their eyes. By not giving him your attention. A high-value mail never distributes its attention to everyone for free. His time, presence, and energy come at a price. He might meet a beautiful girl and tell her how attractive he found her or how much he enjoyed talking to her. But at the same time, he can get fully absorbed back in his work after this. Without chasing that girl or taxing her repeatedly on behalf of a low-value mail. In this way, he also comes under the notice of that girl but he makes her feel that there is nothing special in him to get her tension. This thing forces a female to question herself and her lucky compliments. She wants to know why that male is not chasing her like other males. In this way, even if there is nothing special in that boy, a woman, just by thinking about him, places him above all other men in her eyes.

Seems Like Their Life is Sorted

Girls also know that it is only a young boy, who has nothing else to do, who gives them so much attention. Whereas the guys who have big dreams, good habits, and a winning mindset are chasing the biggest treasure and don’t have time to collect pennies along the way. High-value men don’t involve themselves in meaningless flirting, empty relationships, and casual hookups. Their time is spent on building only those things which will last for a long time. Only then does a female start respecting a male more when he is ignored.

Mastery Over His Senses

A superior male is the master of his census. He is in no hurry to reach the end point of pleasure. he loves the processes. he finds joy in pain Ignoring a female signals to him that the male has no shortage of sexual opportunities because he doesn’t even seem interested in the little things and it will take more than just the physicality to get her attention. Females can sense how desperate a man is, due to which a man loses all his attraction by giving her free attention.

Doesn’t Play Games,

High-value men are very direct and straightforward. For them, it is better to be rejected by a female rather than playing useless games. Whenever a female plays games with such a male, he stops talking to her directly. She understands that by messing with this guy or wasting his time, he will go away. That’s why she behaves very well around him and treats him according to his values.

They’re Comfortable Alone

Never notice those who are of the lowest value, who always have trouble being alone. Such people measure their self on the number of their friends, their partners, people’s approval, all these things. Such males either leave one relationship or start preparing to enter another. Or they don’t give up on their ex while high-value males prefer loneliness. He knows that he is complete without a woman and is not in desperate need of external love or validation. Low-value men consider women superior to themselves and are somehow afraid of their beauty. To fully experience the power of butt beauty, don’t be afraid or depressed. Rather a clean mind is required. Only a self-disciplined male can accept, protect, and love females.



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