Smile Dating Test (K test/TikTok/Quiz)

Smile Dating Test (K test/tiktok/Quiz)

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The Smiley Dater Quiz is your portal to unveiling the intricacies of your love persona. In just 12 simple questions, you’ll gain profound insights into your strengths, desires, and romantic inclinations

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Share this engaging quiz with your friends and make it a bonding experience. After completing the quiz, compare results and discover the unique facets of each other’s Smile Dating personalities


  1. Choosing a Book
  • The cover. I have a soft spot for anything easy on the eyes.
  • Reading the first few pages. I like to know what I’m getting into before I commit…
  • Choosing a book at random. Why waste time waiting, wondering, and weighing my options?
  • Scanning the back cover summary. I like light reads, so I have to make sure the plot isn’t too sad.
  1. Comforting a Friend
  • Jump into action with flowers, treats, Kleenex, and heartfelt compliments. You’re here to ease the pain.
  • Send a nice text but avoid seeing them in person. Tears make you, er, uncomfortable…
  • Find who hurt them. Make them pay.
  • Gently talk them through their emotions. It’s so important to process your feelings.
  1. Falling in Love
  • Like I’ve been hit with a zillion bolts of lightning. Suddenly, everything is magic.
  • I don’t like relying on others for joy—I’m usually very independent.
  • Over the moon excited. When I start to fall, I just want more and more of that thrill.
  • Filled with the desire to love. I’m always wondering how they are, how I can help them…
  1. Choosing a Painting

  • A gorgeous, pastel-colored bridge over a glassy river. Roses are everywhere; there’s a couple kissing on the arch…
  • A simple, pretty design that matches the room’s color scheme.
  • A bold, eye-catching scene. Like a mermaid in the ocean or a knight posing on a hill.
  • Something quirky. Guaranteed to make my friends laugh. Maybe a silly quote?
  1. Winning Your Crush
  • Flirt my heart out. But I sort of flirt with everyone, so I’ll have to find a way to show them they’re special…
  • Plan extravagant dates and surprise them with gifts. Anything to make them mine.
  • “Subtly” let it slip that I’m into them. Then wait for them to make the move. I love to be pursued!
  • Just be my sweet and friendly self! Honestly, people tend to like me as I am…
  1. Dream Date
  • Moonlit sailboat ride around the harbor, champagne, slow dancing, rose petals…
  • If it’s with someone I love, every date is a dream date.
  • Party hopping with my crush on my arm. I want to show them off and lock eyes from across a crowded room…
  • Sit in a dim room, listening to music, answering the 36 questions that lead to love.

  1. Meaning of Love
  • To accept and forgive.
  • To light up around your lover.
  • To be true partners, every day.
  • To share your deepest thoughts, feelings, and secrets.
  1. Description that Fits You Best
  • Aloof, independent, and hard to pin down. But I have a generous heart.
  • Emotionally mature, perceptive, and empathetic. In love, I tend to move slowly.
  • Use my quick wit to easily charm anyone. But honestly, I’m happy on my own, too…
  • A huge-hearted romantic. I have so much to give in love. But sometimes, I can be a little clingy…
  1. Thoughts After an Amazing Concert
  • Music is magical. I felt moved during the show, and now my soul feels well-fed.
  • Impressed by the players’ talents and technical skills. Amazing what people are capable of!
  • How lucky am I to get to enjoy a night out with my closest friends?
  • That band was amazing! I can’t wait to dive into some thorough research on them…
  1. Handling Heartbreak
  • After diving into boxes of Kleenex, tubs of ice cream, and books of poetry, I end up stronger than ever.
  • Like anyone, I’ll be super sad. But I don’t stay down for long—there are so many exciting people to connect with!
  • I rarely get my heart broken. I’m careful about who I choose.
  • I’ll seem like I’m fine on the surface but really…I’m not.
  1. Weakness in Love
  • I dive in headfirst. Sometimes I wish I thought things through more.
  • I sometimes let people walk all over me.
  • I love the chase but sometimes lose interest when a crush likes me back.
  • I sometimes feel like I’m not in touch with my emotions. Which makes things hard…
  1. Handling Conflict
  • Freaking out and apologizing profusely. I hate making people upset.
  • Ignoring them. I’m right, and I refuse to say sorry.
  • Handle conflict maturely. I might gently ask them to talk the issue through with me.
  • Ask what I can do to fix it, then move on. Simple

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