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Love Calculator - Discover Your Love Percentage

Welcome to our Love Calculator, a fun and whimsical tool to explore the magic of love! Whether you’re a romantic soul or just curious about the strength of your relationship, our Love Calculator is here to provide you with a playful estimate of your love percentage.

How It Works

Simply enter the names of you and your partner, and let us know how long you’ve been together. Our algorithm will work its magic and reveal the percentage of love between you two. Are you ready to see just how strong your connection is?

Interpreting the Results:

  • 20% – 40%: A budding romance! Your love is just starting to bloom. Cherish the early days of your journey together.

  • 40% – 60%: Growing stronger! Your love has taken root and is steadily flourishing. Keep nurturing it with care.

  • 60% – 80%: Deep and lasting! Your love has matured into a strong and enduring bond. Celebrate the foundation you’ve built together.

  • 80% – 98%: True love! Your connection is extraordinary, standing the test of time. You’ve found something truly special.


  • Remember, the Love Calculator is purely for entertainment purposes. It’s a playful way to celebrate love and to bring a smile to your face. The percentages generated are not based on scientific methods but are meant to add a touch of joy to your day.

Share the Love:

  • If you enjoy the results, why not share them with your friends and loved ones? Spread the love and see how their relationships measure up!

Get Started:

  • Ready to discover your love percentage? Enter your names and relationship duration above and let the Love Calculator weave its magic.